Lakesite Awarded Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury Budget Certificate Credential

Lakesite,TN (October 3, 2023) – The City of Lakesite recently received the Budget Certificate credential from the office of the Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury.  Lakesite is one of 87 cities in Tennessee to earn this distinguished recognition out of a total of 346 municipalities.  This acknowledgment of Lakesite’s responsible and sound management of public finances places the city in the top fourth of all cities in the state.   

This is the first time in Lakesite’s history that the city has earned this coveted endorsement from the Comptroller. The accomplishment comes after the Lakesite Board of Commissioners made the decision to hire Kirsten Ert Acuff, the city’s first full-time city manager in 2022.  Under her leadership, city clerk and recorder Jodi LaCroix and city accountant Jennifer Waycaster submitted a budget which met all requirements necessary to receive the certificate.

Among the specific criteria to be awarded the certificate are: A city must adopt its budget on or before the fiscal year end and file it with the Comptroller’s office within 15 days of adoption.  No issues of concern can be raised during the review of the city’s budget and the city cannot be under the oversight of the Water & Wastewater Financing Board or Utility Management Review Board.

“Our finance team spends a great amount of time and effort building our annual budget to align with the community’s needs and managing city funds in accordance with all applicable laws and best practices,” said Kirsten Ert Acuff, Lakesite City Manager.  “I’m very appreciative that the hard work we have poured into this budget is recognized by the Comptroller’s office.” 

The Tennessee Comptroller’s Office awards this special certificate to qualified cities in recognition of the hard work and commitment of the city’s local officials, including budget and finance staff, to operate the city with a sound financial plan.  

Image of Budget Certificate