Planning Commission

The Hamilton County - Chattanooga Regional Planning Commission serves as the authority for all subdivisions and rezonings within the Lakesite city limits. However, any and all subdivision and rezoning applications must be initiated at City Hall. We usually require a pre-submittal meeting which will help city staff understand what you plan to do with the subject property and it allows us to clarify our processes and requirements before you submit an official application to the planning agency. If you wish to subdivide or rezone a property in Lakesite, please contact us via the means listed above to schedule this initial meeting.  

More information about the subdivision and rezoning process is available here:

Subdivision Process
Zoning Process  


The city's zoning ordinance is available in our Document Center. For planning information, please go to the Hamilton County - Chattanooga Regional Planning Agency at or call 423-643-5902 or city hall at 423-842-2533

A zoning map is available via the Hamilton County GIS tool at