Building & Codes Enforcement

Photo of Building and Codes Official Dan MaxwellDan Maxwell is our Building and Codes Official. As such, he reviews building permit applications, coordinates with our contracted building inspectors and inspects new construction and renovation work. He also works with property owners to ensure they follow our property maintenance codes to keep Lakesite beautiful. 

If you have any questions for Dan, please give him a call at 423-842-2533 or e-mail him at

Our building permit portal iWorQ is accessible here:

The FEMA Federal Insurance & Mitigation Administration (FIMA), Risk Reduction Division, Building Science Branch is pleased to announce the newly developed Building Codes Toolkit - a central online page that will help our customers understand building codes, its value to occupant safety and community resilience, and the available tools and resources for a variety of audiences. Free emergency planning publications from FEMA are also available here.

Through close coordination and partnership with local, regional, and national contributors and subject matter experts and by utilizing existing multi-hazard standards and best practices, we were able to produce and organize a series of informational materials and tools for property owners and the general public.

For many years, FEMA and ICC have also maintained and produced a huge portfolio of materials related to disaster resistant building codes, construction guidance and standards, technical training, and other informational resources for engineers, architects, code officials, and design professionals:

  • Building Codes Resources for Earthquakes
  • Building Codes Resources for Flood and Other Hazards
  • International Code Council
    • I-Codes
    • Training
    • Events
Building codes and proper construction practices is one of the best strategies individuals, organizations, and communities can adopt to ensure occupant safety, protection of local tax base, continuity of essential services, and support more rapid recovery from disasters.

Ord 239 Drainage, Culverts -Maintenance of
Drainage/Catch basins are cleaned before and after storms. Do not dump any waste oil, paints, animal excrement, or other pollutants into the city drainage system. Doing this will pollute our lake.
Property owners are reminded that they are responsible for keeping any ditches on their properties cleared of debris per city ordinance.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Public Works Director Dave Tate at 423-842-2533 or via e-mail at The culvert-ROW maintenance policy document is below for your reference. This policy was made into an Ordinance 11-17-2015.
Property Maintenance code violation complaints can be submitted via our Complaint form.