Public Safety

Mayor David Howell serves as the Commissioner of Public Safety. If you have any comments, questions and/or concerns relating to policing and fire service in Lakesite, please contact Mayor David Howell to bring them to his attention. Since all city commissioners serve in a part-time capacity, they do not have offices at City Hall. The easiest way to get in touch is via email at

Can the ambulance, fire department and/or police easily locate your home? Seconds can be important. Be sure your home address is in a visible location on your home and on both sides of your mailbox. 
Police ServiceCALL 911 in case of emergency requiring police. Non-emergencies call Hamilton County Dispatcher 622-0022.
Police services provided under contract with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office.
FireCALL 911 in case of fire. Fire protection provided by Dallas Bay Volunteer Fire Department.
The city pays an amount sufficient to cover quarterly donation for each city household, but residents may contribute additional funds if they wish.
ANIMAL SERVICESMcKamey Animal Center is the city's animal services provider. If you wish to file a complaint about a pet in the neighborhood,  you may call them directly at 423-305-6509.  If there is an emergency or an evening notification that needs to be made, you can call McKamey via their emergency line at 423-305-6511 and press 1. 

McKamey Animal Center is located at 4500 North Access Road, Chattanooga.

Pets must have rabies vaccinations. Dogs must be licensed. Please call our animal services contractor McKamey Animal Center at 423-305-6500 for more information.